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Guangzhou Yinghua Technology Co., Ltd, operating under the trademark “Oculeap,” stands as a prominent manufacturer and supplier headquartered in Guangzhou, China. We specialize in crafting top-tier VR Simulators, Racing Simulators, and XD Cinema equipment.

Our primary focus revolves around VR Simulator Games and Flying Cinema, featuring an impressive array such as the 9D VR Simulator Series, VR 360 Flight Simulator Series, VR/AR Racing Simulators Series, VR Shooting Series, Arcade Games, Vending Machines, 5D/7D Motion Cinema, and more. Our extensive selection of VR game consoles hosts a wide variety of virtual reality movies and games, enabling users to partake in immersive “outdoor” experiences within indoor settings.

With unwavering commitment to professional quality standards, reliability, and top-notch customer service (A+ super service), we have garnered an exceptional record of sales and earned a solid reputation on a global scale. Our reach extends across more than 60 countries, encompassing regions like the USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, India, South Africa, Central Asia and many more.


10+ Years Experience
30+ Patents
2000+ Sales Cases


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R&D Team

Our dedicated R&D Team embodies Innovation, Expertise, and Vision. With cutting-edge technology at our core, we strive to create immersive experiences that push boundaries. Together, we're shaping the future of virtual reality.


Oculeap Workshop

Our advanced workshop is the core of our VR manufacturing. With meticulous attention to detail, we bring our virtual reality vision to life, crafting high-quality products that redefine immersion.

Sales Team

Our sales team excels in Personalized Service, offering Expert Guidance and Exceptional Support. With deep product knowledge and a passion for VR Products, we exceed expectations at every step.

Support team

Our After Sales Team sets us apart with their exceptional service. Committed to customer satisfaction, they provide prompt and effective support, ensuring a seamless experience. With their expertise and dedication, we guarantee lasting enjoyment of our VR simulators.

Our Products and Services

Outstanding solution from Oculeap

1. One Stop Solution Provider for VR Theme Park
2. Tailor Made Solution Provider for Family Entertainment Center
3. Leading Tech Provider for Dynamic Cinema Industry
4. High Reputation After Sales Support Service


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