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Hi, I'm Wendy Wen, the CSO of OCULEAP

I’d love to introduce you something wonderful about OCULEAP, including why you should choose us, our leadership team, certifications, and factory tour…

Why Choose OCULEAP?


Tom Zhang
Tom Zhang President
As a visionary leader with extensive expertise in the VR Products and Dynamic Entertainment sectors. His adept management skills span Factory Operations and Sales Team Leadership. With years of experience as a project manager, Andy has amassed invaluable market insights and operational acumen. His strategic direction has driven Oculeap to achieve exceptional operational efficiency and remarkable growth in the industry.
Wendy Wen
Wendy Wen President
As the head of sales department, she has been responsible for supervising global sales and led the sales team to increase efficiency and profits. As an industry veteran, Wendy manages the team to develop sustainable and scalable income growth. She brings strategic thinking and precious sales framework, which largely facilitate the team collaboration and cooperation. Adhering to the service as the core, Oculeap team is always able to attract new customers and provide them with first-class service in VR Products and Dynamic Cinema industry.
Steven Song
Steven Song President
With over 15 years in the VR and Dynamic Cinema sectors, Steven has propelled Oculeap into rapid growth. As a former top engineer in a 5D cinema firm and co-founder of a VR and Dynamic Cinema company, he boasts extensive industry knowledge and market insight. At Oculeap, he leads with a strong commitment to innovation and teamwork in VR and Dynamic Cinema development.

Sales Team

Sarah Wu
Sarah Wu Sales Manager
Starting at Oculeap's inception, Sarah has been integral to the sales force for 2 years. Progressing from a novice salesperson to leading the sales division, Sarah guides her team to new heights. Proficient across all sales stages, she ensures clients receive professional and flawless support.
Bella Wen
Bella Wen Sales Manager
Having joined Oculeap just two years ago, Bella has quickly become a pivotal force in the sales team. Despite her relatively short tenure, she demonstrates an exceptional grasp of the sales process, from initial contact to post-sale support. Bella's ability to provide professional, seamless service makes her a standout member of the team, signaling a bright future in the industry.
Gigi Li
Gigi Li Sales Manager
Joining as one of the initial team members, she has dedicated over 3 years to perfecting sales strategies at Oculeap. Advancing from an entry-level sales associate to the sales manager of Oculeap, now Michael can steer the sales department towards greater accomplishments. Skilled in pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales, he offers clients top-notch, comprehensive service, ensuring excellence at every stage.
We delivering extraordinary VR experiences, powered by quality and service excellence.
Wendy Wen



Product performance is stable, patents are complete, safety and quality are guaranteed. All VR simulator product are passed by CE, RoHS, ISO9001 and other domestic & overseas resource certifications.

OCULEAP combines cutting-edge VR innovation with customer-focused service, delivering tailored, top-tier VR solutions. Here are six key reasons to choose OCULEAP for your current or next project.

——— Wendy Wen


Original Design

Superfast Response

High Quality

Faster Delivery Time

Strong Supply Chain System

11-Year Engineering Design Team

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