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Virtual Reality Investments: A blueprint for Future Success.

VR Station

Regardless of your location, shopping centers, hotels, and promenades stand out as top spots for shopping, entertainment, and spending quality time with loved ones. These areas, known for leisure and attracting large crowds, present the perfect opportunity to launch your virtual reality venture.

Globally, malls are witnessing a surge in entertainment hubs, especially virtual reality stations, as traditional clothing stores gradually fade into history. Seize the chance to be a pioneer by setting up a VR enterprise in a prime spot, offering customers unforgettable experiences.

3-6 Machines

30-60.000 investment

Average of 600 customers a week

Revenue of about 20,000 to 25,000 a month

$10 per game

Monthly profit of about 13,000 to 18,000

Expenditure per month of about $7000

Return on investment in less than half a year

Launching your virtual reality venture in a mall, hotel, or along a boardwalk can attract scores of customers hourly – all without the need for extensive marketing efforts! Our visually striking machines naturally draw attention, ensuring your business quickly becomes self-sustaining through its revenue generation. Plus, the unique, immersive nature of VR provides an experience that’s hard to replicate at home, drawing in those looking for a fun diversion during their shopping trip or those specifically visiting for your VR experience. Virtual reality is a compelling attraction, offering an experience many are willing to pay for.


With a whole facility dedicated to delivering exciting new virtual adventures, VR arcades are becoming increasingly popular.

The potential for earnings with a VR arcade is limitless; you can lease out the entire venue for corporate functions, team-building exercises, or birthday celebrations. The pricing per game is premium compared to other gaming experiences, and for good reason! A VR arcade will swiftly start to recoup its investment.

3-6 Machines

$40 per hour

Average of 300 customers a week

Expenditure per month of about 14,000

100,000-160,000 investment

Monthly profit of about 34,000

Income of about 48,000 a month

Return on investment in less than half a year

An arcade offers users a wide array of gameplay and immersive experiences without the need to invest in their own VR gear, also creating a vibrant spot for friends to convene, enjoy food and drinks, mingle, and have a blast. The key distinguishing factor of virtual reality is its ‘immersion’—it connects players to their gaming world in an unprecedented way. With gamers constantly in pursuit of realistic experiences, immersive gaming is a magnet for both hardcore and casual enthusiasts, ensuring a steady flow of visitors every day.

VR Park

VR Parks shine as the quintessence of ‘futuristic,’ offering a luminous venue teeming with diverse experiences for selection. As expansive indoor hubs of virtual reality amusement, VR Parks present an array of VR and AR games catering to visitors across all age groups, plunging them into a realm of boundless experiences!

Visitors will be eager to spend hours exploring the variety of games, rides, and exhilarating experiences available. Immersed in fantasy quests, high-speed races, and journeys through time and space, guests will be captivated. Our games cater to all, offering something for everyone, regardless of age or expertise.

15-20 Machines

$40 per hour

Average of 600 customers a week

Expenditure per month of about 25,000

200,000-300,000 investment

Monthly profit of about 71,000

Revenue of about 96,000 a month

Return on investment in less than half a year

Reserve the entire park for exclusive use during private events such as birthdays, corporate gatherings, and tournaments, to name a few. The opportunities to generate income are virtually limitless with this modern, all-inclusive destination for cutting-edge, technologically sophisticated entertainment. Join the rapidly expanding VR entertainment sector by establishing a VR Park, offering a distinctive setting with bespoke design and game ideas that appeal to individuals of every age and background.


Should you already operate an established business but are looking to inject the revenue boost and exhilaration uniquely provided by virtual reality simulators, we’re equipped to tailor a solution that aligns with your specific business requirements.

Placed within a hotel lobby, pizza parlor, or restaurant, virtual reality has the power to rejuvenate an existing establishment, enhancing customer loyalty and creating excitement. Your business will become a local sensation, as intrigued onlookers are transformed into loyal patrons, eager to return for more.

Guests will be captivated by the allure of virtual reality, choosing it over waiting in food lines or relaxing by the pool. Incorporating a VR station into your existing business offers a delightful and interactive experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.


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