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VR TIME TRAVEL: Revolutionizing the Virtual Experience


In a universe filled with countless VR products, the VR TIME TRAVEL emerges as a game changer. This isn’t just another virtual reality product; this is a revolutionary leap in immersive entertainment.

What is VR Time Travel?


VR Time Travel represents the pinnacle of VR evolution. It’s not just any simulator; it’s a top-tier 360-degree Rotation Simulator specifically tailored for duo players. Key highlights include:

  • 360-Degree Flight: Experience genuine 360-degree spin that distinguishes VR Time Travel from its peers.
  • Breaks Traditional Barriers: Surpassing the mundane nature of conventional VR Cinema Simulators and uninspired arcade games.
  • For Duo Players: Designed to host two players, it boosts efficiency, overcomes the limitation of single-player games, and paves the way for collaborative entertainment.

Outstanding Features

  • Genuine 360-degree Rotation: Powered by a durable motor, ensuring a heart-pounding, memorable experience every time.
  • For Friends and Families: Play with a buddy! It caters to two players simultaneously, doubling the fun.
  • Exclusive HD Games: Keeps gamers coming back, enhancing retention and positive word-of-mouth.



Being more than just an entertainment tool, it serves as an innovative mechanism to upgrade offline consumption.

  • Versatile Deployment: From indoor playgrounds and malls to arcade centers and VR parks – it’s a fit everywhere.
  • Simple Operation: Say goodbye to complex setups. With a single button control, operational hassles are a thing of the past.
  • Smart Accounting: An integrated intelligent system to keep track of all rides, aiding in effective business management.
  • Flexible Payment Modes: Accepts both coin and card payments.
  • Safety First!: With a 5-point seatbelt, protective feet restraint suitable even for kids, and an emergency stop button, player safety is paramount.

Steps to Embark on the Adventure

  1. Convert real currency to game tokens at the service counter.
  2. Invest the required game tokens.
  3. Safety first! Ensure you’re strapped in.
  4. Gear up with the headset and grip the gun.
  5. Hit start and get transported into a new world.

Financial Insights

Considering its potential, the VR TIME TRAVEL promises a rewarding Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Initial Investment: $16,800 USD (Breakdown: Machine – $9800, Shipping – $1500, Tax – $1500, Rent – $1000, Décor – $3000).
Initial InvestmentCost
  • Quick ROI: With monthly turnovers hitting $16,800, businesses can potentially recover their investment in just 2-3 months.
  • An Attractive Yearly Profit: Estimated annual net profit stands at an impressive $177,600 USD.
          Item            Details
Charges5 USD
Carrying Player/time2
Playable Times/hour10 players
Daily Revenue (6 hours/ day)600 USD
Monthly Turnover (28 days)16800 USD
Monthly Rent1000 USD
Labor/management expenses1000 USD
Monthly Net Profit14800 USD
Annual Net Profit177600 USD

Ideal Locations for VR TIME TRAVEL

  • Traditional Entertainment Spots: Be it VR Theme Parks, Arcade Centers, or Indoor Playgrounds, it rejuvenates conventional venues with its novel entertainment blueprint.
  • High-Footfall Areas: Shopping Malls, Restaurants, and other Entertainment Venues can capitalize on its ability to offer short, delightful breaks.
  • Modern Consumer Hubs: Internet-celebrity chain stores can use it as a magnet, pulling in large crowds and setting themselves apart in the market.

Product Specifications

Product nameVR Time Travel
Power4.0 KW
Standby power consumption1.0kw/h
Working power consumption3.0kw/h
SizeL2190*W2440*H2744 mm
Weight680 kgs
Max load300kgs
Player,2 player

In conclusion, the VR TIME TRAVEL is not merely a product; it’s an experience, an investment, and a future of immersive entertainment. Embrace the future, and step into a world of possibilities!


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